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Capture the Moment Media is a passionate group of film producers working in Vancouver and Victoria. Our greatest inspiration comes from collaborating with individuals, couples, and corporate clients with open minds and adventurous hearts–just like us. We believe clichés can ruin a great story­, and no one wants their video to look like all the rest. This is true for wedding video and commercial video production projects alike. It happens all the time… but not with us.

When you work with Capture The Moment Media, our goal is to create a finished product that communicates the essence of your story, honours its uniqueness and inspires the viewer to find out more. To us, that means wedding videos that could pull a stranger’s heartstrings, commercials that capture the most distracted eyes, and films that give the play button a great workout.


About Our Film Production Team

Our film producers are fluent in production and post-production, but each brings a unique specialty. Depending on your project requirements and preferences, a seasoned professional is available for each element of your production. Conceptualizing, directing, camera operating, animating, casting, script writing, set design, sound design, editing and colouring are all within our realm of expertise. We can film under water with special equipment, high in the sky with drones, or in front of any backdrop you can imagine thanks to green screen technology.

 With our experienced team at your disposal, we welcome you to become as integral to the production process as you desire, from being the subject of the film to having a say in its finishing touches. Sit back and let our film producers take care of everything from start to finish, or guide us to create the story you envision. You can even join us in the editing room to make sure it all comes together perfectly. It’s entirely up to you.


Meet Our Film Producers

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Mathew Collings

Mathew Collings


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John Hilhorst

John Hilhorst


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Eric Brunt

Eric Brunt

Lead Cinematographer / Editor

Stories About Us

Mathew and John from Capture the Moment Media were amazing to work with! We were initially very skeptical to have a wedding video done and now are so happy we did it as it was the best money we spent and our video will definitely be something we cherish forever. The video is done so well and we really appreciate Matt and John’s quick response and professionalism. They were very responsive to what we wanted and made us feel very comfortable. We love our video and would highly recommend Capture the Moment Media.

I have nothing but praise for Capture the Moment Media. They are an exceptionally gifted group of people that have a way of meeting your every wish without you needing to hand hold or direct. From the details of their “getting to know you” contract to their professional on-set personalities, this team will fit in effortlessly with your special event and will produce something completely captivating in the end.

I was blown away by our finished product. My wife and I couldn’t believe how they managed to capture our wedding so perfectly. It was such a joy having Matt and Eric with us on our wedding weekend and we can now watch our video over and over again to relive the experience.

When we were first planning our wedding, my wife and I didn’t even think we wanted cinematography for our wedding. We just didn’t feel as though it was that important. We later changed our minds (THANK GOD) and then really struggled finding a company that resonated with us. We finally found CTM, who we LOVED and they came up with the most beautiful piece of work.

I often tell people I wish I could time travel back to that day over and over and over – it was that special and that much fun. Well now, thanks to Capture the Moment Media we are that much closer to being able to do so.

I wouldn’t hesitate in a SECOND to have CTM do the work over again. They were amazing to work with, fair, SUPER friendly….and above all, do beautiful work!

I don’t even know where to begin. Gurvinder and I cannot stop praising about you guys to our family and friends. You are not only terrific videographers, but you are also amazing AMAZING people. You were so easy and fun to work with.


You captured every key moment that completes a Sikh wedding. I absolutely love the highlight video and the Henna video. Video production  was one less thing to worry about out of the million things we had to worry about on our wedding because we completely trusted you on capturing the biggest event of our lives. Thank you thank you thank you so much.

‘Capture the Moment Media’ were the BEST! If you’re looking for a videographer that does more than just chronologically capture the day, then this is your best bet. They took the time to get to know us before the wedding, and put together an actual story in our video. It was taking different parts of our speeches and vows and encouraging us to find time together alone in the day that ended up pulling together something so amazing. It really captures the feel and the emotion of everything. They also worked together so well with our photographers and helped organize and location scout for first look spots. I could not recommend them enough.

Perfect Wedding Magazine had a need for talented video producers to create film media outside of the standard magazine realm which is still photography. The cinematography and visuals needed to be exceptional, appealing to the top end of the consumer market. We found this talent with Capture the Moment Media – John Hilhorst and Mathew Collings to be precise. I met with these two fantastic cinematographers on more than one occasion to discuss concept and scripting. They understood my vision and all that was discussed, then they managed to take it to the next level.

I would highly recommend working with CTM Media…again…and again….and again.

The video is absolutely fantastic…what a great job you guys have done. Everything from filming effects, transitions, music queues to the perfect use of dialog. We had goosebumps watching it and then of course I just turned to mush because I was so touched. At first I wasn’t sure if our song selection would fit, but you guys made it PERFECT… Also with the Tea Ceremony, it’s so perfect that my Dad’s dialog explained what was happening and also made it so entertaining to watch. We just couldn’t believe how beaming you made us look!! WOW!

Every once in a while you come across professionals that are not only super talented at their craft, but also ones that happen to be amazingly passionate and just plain wonderful to be around and work with. Dedicated to their craft and always looking for ways to keep their product fresh and authentic, John and Mathew of Capture the Moment Media, continue to delight us and our clients with their work. DreamGroup has had the pleasure of working personally with John and Mathew on a couple video production projects over the past couple years and they have far surpassed our expectations each and every time.

It is nothing short of a challenge to put into words what an amazing experience it was to work with Capture the Moment Media. Their artistic eye to even the smallest details and friendly attitude made them a joy to have around the day of our wedding. After having the privilege of working with John and Matthew, the phenomenal video we received a couple weeks later felt like icing on the cake!

Visionaries, technical, patient and enthusiastic are just a few ways I can describe you guys! You never fail to surprise me with you knowledge and creativity. I’ve had the privilege of working with you on several professional projects and it was a blast! I especially enjoyed working with you on my promotional video because you really understood and captured my lifestyle brand. You incorporated my ideas and kept everything organized and running on-time with your video production schedule. You tirelessly work to produce something different and special for everyone and that is something I truly appreciate! Congrats on all your much deserved success!

Welcome to the CTM Crew!
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