“Alright CUT!”…..”Now let’s move everything and get ready for the next shot”, said John as we slowly made our way through each set of “A Day in the Life of Nadia Albano”, a Stop Motion promo for the amazingly multi-talented stylist.

For those of you who are not familiar with the technique of Stop Motion, the simplest way to put it is like creating a “Flip book illustration”. I remember when I was a kid and I would draw a simple stickman on the corner of a book. The page that followed would be a very similar drawing, however this time the stickman’s arm would be a bit higher. Drawing the stickman over and over again, page after page, I flipped the pages from start to finish and there you have it!…Stickman came to life and was waving “hello”.

Ok. Sure a stickman waving hello is not that exciting really, especially considering all the time required (and the highschool chemistry lessons missed), but if you think about the endless possibilities it can really make you wonder….How far can I take this?

It started with a toy Giraffe, a simple Story and a Camera. The concept, have Giraffe go on an adventure to deliver a letter to his friend while overcoming all kinds of obstacles. So with a few simple props around the house, a colorful background and some friends to fill in for some sound effects, the characters and the story was brought to life:

So. After getting our minds wrapped around the concept of Stop Motion with are adventurous toy Giraffe, we realized how perfect this form of storytelling would be for our good friend Nadia Albano. The only obstacle, we needed to create a life size set….and move each piece inch by inch! Yikes!

With a passion and drive to do something different and unique that we strongly felt reflects Nadia Albano, we knew there was no other way. We took off our closet doors, brought all kinds of furniture and props to the set, and took on the challenge! In the end, we are very happy with how it all came together and really excited to share with you this behind the scenes look at the making of this project.

Be sure to check out “A Day in the Life of Nadia Albano” and head over to Nadia’s site to learn all about the many things she does at Nadia Albano Style Inc.