As we move closer to the wedding day with our clients, we are always really interested to know if they plan on writing their own vows. When someone writes and shares something so personal about themselves and their relationship, it’s such a beautiful and emotional moment to capture through video. It’s a really powerful tool for us in their overall story. Most of the videos on our website have original vows in them. When else are you going to really get an opportunity to tell someone exactly how you feel and how much they mean to you in front of all their family and friends? Take the opportunity and run with it!

Vows - WP 3

How you write them depends on the person. Find something really honest that is meaningful to both of you. Something that you really mean. Here are a few guidelines to give you some ideas as you approach writing your own. It’s all about being honest with yourself.


How You Met

Talk about who you were before you met each other and how meeting for the first time changed everything. There are certain things we know about ourselves from a young age, like Quyen knowing she’d be a doctor. Other things are left up to the universe. The odds of the two of you finding each other in this world is so small. Somehow you managed to do it. Celebrate having found each other. Maybe you knew right you had found your other half, maybe it took time. However it happened, it is a pivotal moment in both of your lives and holds tremendous meaning.


Talk About Each Other’s Quirks and Their Best Qualities

Make a list of all the things you love about the other person. Highlight the really unique ones that only you or a close friends and family would know. Everyone has quirks and finding one person in the universe who loves you for all of them is an amazing feeling. Find the balance between the sweet and the funny stuff. Add in the final more emotional notes towards the end.

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“You love dogs, and I’m very much a cat lady. But, in the end we decided to give this one a shot, and I’ve never been more thankful taking such a risk. – Quyen


Speak from the Heart

Find what you really want to say more than anything in the world, and go with that. Paint a picture of how you feel. You’ll both look back on that moment and remember how much it meant to each other. Take some time to write freely. You’ll have time to make it perfect later. Don’t let your brain edit the words you want to get out because they seem cheesy before you have a chance to write them down. Reading it back over you may love it.

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“You’ve made me the happiest man in the world and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.” – Mark


Why We Want to Read Your Vows in Advance

We always make sure we try to get the written vows in advance. We visually break them down and find out which ones are the most interesting and likely to evoke emotion. Just reading the vows gives us a really good insight to who you are. It’s also good for us to know when they are going to make a joke and who in the crowd is going to respond the most. It helps us tremendously to know the vows in advance so we know which person to capture. It’s a cool way to bring important people back into the story. Reading your vows in advance really gives us a guide for the ceremony and let’s us know that we’re doing our job.

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“You are one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Definitely top 3.”

– Quyen