When we meet our clients, we normally try to sit down and learn a bit about who they are. We want to know their story and who they are as people and as partners. When it came to Gerard and Bruce it was quite clear from the first meeting that these were to very loved individuals. Gerard had just landed from a long plane ride from Thailand and Bruce was incredibly attentive, making sure Gerard was well taken care of during the entire meeting. We learned a bit about them before we even met with them from their Wedding Planner Sandy of Dream Group Productions. She had mentioned to us that they lived over seas and that this wedding was going to unite friends and family from all over the world.

The Ceremony at the Vancouver Club in downtown Vancouver was stunning. They set it up so they were literally surrounded by all their friends and family, as they exchanged their vows while their guests were seated in a circle around them. Both Gerard and Bruce shared some of the most powerful vows we have had the privilege of hearing this summer. That emotion and energy was carried directly to the reception were each and every speech really showcased how much Bruce and Gerard have been such a positive influence for each other and their friends and family as well. Later in the night Gerard and Bruce surprised us all with a planned flash dance. It was quite a show!

We had so much fun with Sandy Pandher and the whole Dream Group team, we want to thank them for making everything so seamless and so fun. This was also our first chance to work with Lori of Sweet Pea Photography, Lori is so talented and so much fun, we can’t wait to work with her again!

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