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The magic of post-production – Making a Promo Video – Part 4 of 4

November 3,2016

Category / Behind the Scenes

The Film Crew – Making a Promo Video – Part 3 of 4

October 29,2016

Category / Behind the Scenes

Finding the right location – Making a Promo Video – Part 2 of 4

October 28,2016

Category / Behind the Scenes

Coming up with an Idea – Making a Promo Video – Part 1 of 4

October 24,2016

Category / Behind the Scenes

Music on film /// a one on one chat with musician ursidae

January 11,2016

Category / Commercial

Filming for Crowdfunders /// Kickstarter Reincorporates as a Benefit Corporation

September 22,2015

Category / Commercial

Creating a Plan for Crowdfunding Success

How to Create a Plan for Crowdfunding Success

September 8,2015

Category / Commercial

Mat and John Filming SIlver Chef

Optimizing Video for Social Media /// Six 15 Second Clips Featuring Vancouver Entrepreneurs

July 14,2015

Category / Commercial

One Great Pitch /// Our Path to Crowdfunding Videos with Sole

May 19,2015

Category / Annimation

Creating Stop Motion Attitude: A Day in the Life of Nadia Albano

March 18,2015

Category / Commercial

Crafting Time Lapse Photography

February 27,2015

Category / Commercial

CTM Media 2014 /// Year in Review

January 6,2015

Category / Commercial

I’m just here for the Savasana. /// The Story of Inner Fire Yoga Apparel

April 18,2014

Category / Commercial

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