Imagine if you could make shoes that were incredibly comfortable, stylish and that were actually good for the planet.  There is a big revolution happening in the way companies make products. To save this planet we need more forward thinking ideas like this one.  Ideas that allow people to make better choices without sacrificing anything at all. So lets talk a bit about our journey to make this Kickstarter film

We are always looking to tell important and honest stories, that goes without saying, but sometimes a project comes along and you feel so proud to be even a small part of an amazing message. This is how we felt during our entire time working on this film. Let’s paint a picture for you of how our journey began. We took a meeting with Mike and Ryan who have been running Sole Shoes for quite a while.   Mike is the founder and CEO and Ryan is the head of Design. Sole is already such a unique company, their claim to fame is custom footbeds.  What are footbeds you ask?  Well, footbeds are exactly that, beds for your feet.  Sole makes incredibly comfortable shoes that make your feet feel amazing, I am not just saying that, I have a pair and they ROCK! Any way this meeting was about something different, well sort of, the long and short of it is that they had been making shoes made out of recycled wine corks and they needed us to make a film so that they could raise more money to launch an entire line of shoes made of recycled wine corks. Crazy right! This idea was so cool and sounded like one hell of an interesting story, how do you do this, what is the process, who are the people involved, how do you round up enough corks? Our heads were spinning with questions, however, they needed an idea for the film fast.


Ok so you had a great meeting, you know a lot about the product and the story they want to tell, now come up with a pitch that is unique, powerful, informative and tells one hell of a honest and compelling story.  No sweat, sounds simple right, lol. But to be perfectly honest it kinda was.  I don’t know if we just were so inspired by the meeting or what, but we came up with the idea really fast. When we get inspired it’s such a fantastic and fast experience so let me paint another picture for you.  Often this is what happens.  We will be in the office and we will share some really inspiring films that we feel relate to this project, then we breakdown what it is about the project that is unique.  We come up with key words and start to map out our story. I can often stand up and pace back and forth with a giant cup of coffee in my hand, talking way to much, while John can often be found on the white board connecting story points, or shooting hoops to get the blood flowing. When a great idea comes up we will get really excited and often call in the rest of the team for a second opinion. The best part about this stage is that the sky is the limit, we don’t need to worry about budgets or timelines, its all about the ideas, even though these things are very real constraints when making a film, this part of the film making process is about dreaming and getting to the SOLE of the idea.

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Sometimes a great idea can come up and after you have thought long and hard about it, sometimes it’s worth it to pitch the idea and just see what they say. Even if time or money is an issue. For us a great example of that was flying to Napa to shoot interviews with Matt from ReCork, as well as film some stunning landscapes and amazing cork factories. When we were coming up with the story we knew that this would be so amazing if we could actually go to these places were this movement was happening, but we also knew that the budget and the time constraints might not allow for this to happen. We were prepared to be flexible but we thought it was key to the story so we made it a part of our pitch. If they love your pitch and you can prove how important it is then there is a good chance you can make it happen. Since we wanted to make this film so badly, we felt it was important to get the pitch finished fast.  We stayed up late and worked on it until we had what we felt was a very strong pitch. We wanted them to see our pitch before they saw anyone else’s. In the Words of Wayne of Wayne’s World, it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine…..”

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We sent the pitch to them then followed up with some storyboards as a visual aid so that they could really understand what it was we wanted to do.  A story board not only helps your clients see the vision but as the director of the film it is so helpful to make sure we are all on track and that we are not missing any key shots while shooting. I can’t stress enough how amazing story boards are to help bring your vision to life!

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Mike and Ryan loved the pitch and once they saw the story boards they were sold. The only issue was flying to Napa to shoot some key footage there. Since we needed to make this film in only a few weeks we had to put our heads together and figure out how we were going to shoot it all in such a short period of time, not to mention that Mike and Ryan had to go to China to check in on the production of the shoes, so really we only had a week to film with them. This made scheduling a little tricky but not impossible. We had a few very productive pre-production meetings, we sorted it all out and had a schedule that was going to allow us to shoot everything we needed to tell this story. We can’t express enough how working with people that are passionate about ideas and won’t give up allows your film to be everything it can be.

We decided to shoot our interviews first.  This allowed us to place the interviews in to the edit and provide us with a narrative for our story. We had another shoot on the sunshine coast of British Columbia for another client, so time was tight.  Once we finished that shoot we got back on a plane and were on our way to Napa for the next big part of our shoot, all the while editing on a laptop as we flew through the air. Editing at 50,000 feet is very inspiring!

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 2.00.02 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-30 at 2.04.17 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-30 at 2.04.47 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-30 at 2.00.34 PM

This brings us to Napa.  We wanted the viewer to be connected to the idea of these shoes through the romance of wine. Wine is such a personal thing, the feelings you have while drinking it can be such a personal experience. We wanted to connect wine to corks to shoes to people and Napa was a huge part of that story. We also came to Napa to tell the story of ReCork.   ReCork is the only mass cork collection movement in North America. ReCork helps people form all over North America recycle their used corks. To this day they have collected millions of corks and a huge part of our film was to tell this story and help bring awareness so that more corks can be recycled and more stunning environmentally friendly products can be made from recycled corks.

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We only had two days in Napa and our first day was all about scouting.  On this day we planned where and when we would shoot everything. It might seem crazy taking one whole day and making it all about scouting but it was so important. By planning in advance it allowed us to make smart decisions, think through any possible problems and be incredibly efficient on the day of shooting. On shooting day we woke up early, filmed some morning sunrise shots with our camera crane, then we headed to the Amorim cork facility were we shot very important b-roll. We had planned to shoot Mat’s interview last, the reason for this was sound! We wanted to shoot his interview in the factory and if we did it during busy hours recording sound would have been a nightmare.  Since the factory closed at 4 this also allowed us to also shoot more stunning sunset shots of the gorgeous Napa valley landscape. If it were not for the prep we might have been running all over and we could have definitely missed some of our key shots that we came to get.

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 1.58.31 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-30 at 1.58.14 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-30 at 2.01.21 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-30 at 1.57.50 PM

With most of our scenes filmed we had enough footage to put together a Sizzle video and see this vision start to come to life….


Now that the film is finished we are so excited to release it out into the world. Like I mentioned earlier, ideas like this are the kind of ideas this planet needs. If we try to think outside the box and work to use sustainable resources, just think about how much our society can grow and improve. To be privileged enough to be given the responsibility to make a film like this with such an important message is something we are so thankful for. Making these kinds of stories is what drives us!

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Please if you can take some time to check out their kickstarter page.  There is so much more to learn about this important and groundbreaking movement. Thanks for reading kids, we hope you enjoy their story!


Production Company: Capture the Moment Media

Director: Mathew Collings

DOP: John Hilhorst

Sound/Lighting: Riley Maruyama

Camera Assist: Riley Maruyama

Makeup/Hair: Vanessa Westerager

Actress: Tanya Capri

Voice Talent: Alan Orpin

Storyboard Artist: Kevin Hartwig

Special Thanks to: Jamie at Amorim Facility, Brix Restaurant, Dayton Boots, Gravity Pope, Urban Winery Vancouver,  and Wes at Debrand, Vancouver.