The challenge:  Come up with a unique idea for a promo video that shows how a mortgage broker is different from a banker.

When clients ask us to come up with a creative concept from scratch we don’t shy away, in fact; we love it. The great thing about being a video production company is that we can turn any abstract idea into something beautiful and concrete, ultimately having the opportunity to create our own world.  Whether that be with real people, actors or animated video, there is no limit to our imagination. An added bonus to being a video production company in Vancouver BC is that there are so many dream like locations to choose from.

So where do we begin?

  • Meeting with the Client:  Mike, team leader and owner of Canadian Mortgage Experts, sat across the table from us explaining exactly what they do and why the Canadian Mortgage Experts (CME) are different from bankers.  He explained that Banks are like “Zombies” in that they only sell their products whereas at CME they review what is available on the market and help their clients find the best mortgage product to suit their individual needs.  As soon as we heard the word “Zombie” our eyes opened right up and the ideas started to flow which got Mike pretty excited for the project.
  • Coming up with some Concepts: The next thing we like to do is get together as a team and throw some ideas off each other.  You might find us out at the park throwing a football or frisbee around so we can get our blood flowing which in turn kick starts the brain storming process. Any excuse for some extra physical activity always gets the team motivated.  We might also hit the white board and draw out some ideas to see if something sticks.
  • Finding Inspiration: Once we have a couple of ideas in mind we try to find some inspiration online that can be used to help convey our ideas or showcase an element we want to incorporate.  We typically do this by browsing the many videos on Vimeo or Youtube and share them with our team.  To save us some time in the future, we also add our favourite videos to our “likes” page so we can reference videos we come across that might not be the right fit for the project at hand but might be useful for something else.  For this particular concept we stumbled upon the opening credits from the movie Zombie Land.  It really hit the mark and was a good video to showcase the style, energy and comedic approach we wanted to take.

  • The Creative Brief: Once we believe we have a solid idea in place we put pen to paper or I guess you could say, fingers to keys, and start creating a concise concept for our client.  Here is the creative brief outline we proposed to Mike:


We don’t create storyboards for every proposal we produce but in this case we really wanted to give Mike a clear idea as to what we were envisioning for this promo video.  Storyboards help everyone involved to get on the same page so we all know what to expect as we move into production.  This can also be achieved with a shot list but with such a unique idea, we really wanted to make sure the concept was easy to understand and visually appealing.

Here are the storyboard panels we created for this promo video created by the talented Kevin Hartwig.

cme-storyboards-1 cme-storyboards-2

So we sent off our proposal and immediately got the green light from Mike.  Our idea was officially going to come to life; cue the office happy dance!

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