I love contests, even though I rarely win.  I remember one in particular in which I won third place at a halloween costume contest.  My friend was Robin and I was Batman.  My friend actually won first place and I argued that Robin can’t possibly win first and Batman not win anything!  Eventually they got sick of me complaining and they gave me a Boston Pizza gift card, it was well worth it.

Speaking of Batman and Robin, that is not a bad comparison when it comes to Jeff and Monique.  They are joined at the hip and always seem to find themselves getting into crazy adventures. We first came in to contact with this dynamic duo months back when they entered a contest we were putting on for a free “Captured Film”.

Before I go any further for those of you that are not aware, Captured Film’s are something we started doing a few years ago.  We were meeting all these awesome people that had such amazing stories of how they met and how they got engaged, we always thought that it would be fun to re-tell these stories and play them at the couples wedding reception. We had made a few and had so much fun we thought it would be really cool to put on a contest and try to find a couple that had a really unique story, one that jumped off the page. This lead to a whole bunch of great stories which we had a blast reading and we were so overwhelmed and so grateful that people took the time to share them with us. However, sadly, there can only be one winner. This brings us back to Jeff and Monique, when we first read their story we felt an instant connection with them.  In fact, it felt like we had known them our whole lives.  They came across as honest, real and passionate people; The exact kind of people we want to work with, not to forget that their story was so fun, romantic and inspiring we just had to make them a Captured Film.

Now there are a couple things you should know about Jeff and Monique. Aside from being wicked cool and super easy to be around, Jeff and Monique are big BC lions fans, I mean BIG BC LIONS FANS. Just so you know how big, they have season tickets, go to all the tail gate parties, have all sorts of crazy merchandise and to top it all off Monique has a BC lions tattoo.  See if you can spot it when you watch the film.  They are also huge hikers and they love the great outdoors. One of the coolest things about them is that they document their adventures. They have a lot of fun videos on youtube documenting these stories. This was one of our favorite things about them. As you can see in this video who would not want to spend time with these two…….

The shoot was an absolute blast! They made everything so much fun and they were very open to doing anything we asked for. A prime example is when we needed to shoot the most important shot of the film with them.  Now keep in mind these films are “based on a true story”, so that being said, there was a moment in their story where they jumped off a dock into a lake together, this action symbolized the moment when she saw him as more then just a friend, this was the moment that they fell in love. For us we felt it would be really cool if they jumped in to the lake in all their clothes. This was not something anyone would do, especially on a cold windy night. But they didn’t even bat an eye, not even after I asked them to do it 4 times!  I still feel bad about that, however, I am so grateful that they were so open to interpretation. This level of passion and willingness to just go for it was something that we loved about them most of all.

Below is the Captured Story submission Monique sent to us and we are so happy she did.  Read it through and watch the film to to see their story come to life!

Jeff and Monique

“My name is Monique, I am 28 and I am just finishing up my last year of school to do cancer radiation treatments.  My fiances name is Jeff, and we have been together 5 and a half years.  We are diehard ridiculous BC Lions fans.  I also pride myself on being a do-gooder.

 Our story is pretty awesome.  We met through mutual friends at a birthday party at the Blarney Stone and have been inseparable ever since.  Although I remember him from our high school days even though we went to different schools, he was on his schools improv team and my brother was on ours, so I went to all the shows.  The moment I knew that I loved this guy was exactly 1 month into our relationship.  My brother was in an accident and was in the hospital in Seattle, Jeff took time off work to drive me down.  It was a very stressful week with a few trips back and forth from Vancouver to Seattle, and on one of the trips I was staring out the car window looking down at one of the lakes below and said, “that lake is so pretty, I want to go jump in.”  Without much of a conversation about it Jeff pulled off at the next exit to my surprise.  We went and jumped in the lake! It was definitely the moment I knew that this guy was the one.  

 We had dated for 5 years, every year doing something awesome for our engagement.  From staying in tree spheres, climbing down cave waterfalls, horseback-riding through Wells Gray Provincial Park, or trekking to some of the worlds largest trees in Tofino, we love being outdoors!  And we love being goofballs!  This summer Jeff arranged a surprise camping trip to our favourite lake that we always go to.  The second morning he got me up to go hike up to the lookout, something we do every trip, and something I am scared to do every time! You see, I am the biggest scaredy-cat ever, and I always think we are going to get eaten by either a bear or a cougar.  So this trip was no different!  I think I tried to get him to turn around at least 3 times, virtually being in tears that I was scared of a bear while I wore my bear bell and whistle.  Once we got to the top the view is incredible I totally forgot about the silly bears, I was enjoying the view with Jeff behind me digging for the camera in the backpack (thats what I thought he was digging for).  Finally he has to say my name a few times to get me to turn around, and then there he was on his knee with a ring box that he carved on and decorated with rocks and sticks, it was adorable!

 We love hiking up to Quarry Rock in Deep Cove, and I still get scared thinking there might be a bear!  Some of our other favourite outdoor spots in Vancouver are lighthouse park and Whytcliff park.

 Thanks for this opportunity!  It seems pretty special! Have a great New Years!”

Enjoy their Captured Film!


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