Our team at Capture the Moment Media is always trying to think of new ways to redefine ourselves, standout, and make an impression. At the end of some of our videos, you may have seen a quick reveal of our brightly coloured, geometric, CTM Logo. As our talented team here continues to grow, we’re always coming up with new ideas together. There are opportunities all around us to continue to challenge ourselves creatively and have some fun.

Logo Reveal - Brian 1

Brian is one of the new editors on the CTM Team. Also a talented animator, Brian was able to take the basic design, and re-imagine it. Here’s how he did it:

Brian: I broke down what was needed from a quick logo; succinct, vibrant, clear and engaging. Looking at the current CTM logo, I began breaking it down into its constituent parts. I figured there had to be something in the building block nature of the logo, and so set about separating it in Illustrator to get the individual elements layered and ready to manipulate in After Effects.

Once that was done, I began sketching (erratically) any ideas that came to mind, and the one constant in all that I thought of was the notion of construction. It was something that seemed to make sense in the context of the logo itself, and one that had the most potential to be effective.

Once it was broken down in Illustrator, I imported the files into After Effects, and put them in a composition. In that composition, it was simply a matter of manipulating the scale of the shapes (or, in the case of the ‘C’, applying a radial wipe and tweaking the values in the hard coding of the effect and its position to make it perfect).  I also added in easing out keyframes to make the ends of the animation as smooth as possible. It was a very small difference, but one which just makes the animation that much slicker overall. And of course, MOTION BLUR!!!

It was then a matter of tying it all into the camera and video motif that is the essence of CTM. I applied a shutter effect to this end (I had played around with using a rotating aperture symbol around the logo, but I quickly came to my senses and ditched the idea before I got carried away with myself).


Graphics and animation complete, any video we make here at CTM then gets handed to our audio expert, Kurtis. Music and sound effects are his speciality. Knowing that “Capture the Moment Media” was much too long for a theme song, Kurtis created something completely new using the equipment from our studio we use when filming: a tripod, a blower, and camera.

Kurtis: When designing the sound effects for the logo animation, there were a couple constraints I was dealing with. I wanted to create something where the logo could be used for a variety of videos and would play well if accompanied by music. This meant non-harmonic sounds. I also wanted to create something that would be representative and consistent with our identity… who are we? How could we encapsulate our brand in a few short seconds of sound?

Having the animations already made by Brian, it was simply a matter of matching the aforementioned intentions with the visuals. Immediately upon seeing the final wipe that closes in on the logo, I thought “shutter”. This led to the idea of mapping camera gear sounds to the actions. The “C” looked like a DSLR dial being turned, the “T” extensions were reminiscent of tripod legs and the “M” and final “CTM” expansions made me think of inflation and thus the blower for cleaning sensors.

After recording the sounds and arranging them in the timeline accordingly to the animations, I wanted to acoustically place the sounds in stereo so that the “motions” and “directions” of the sounds could be heard and accentuated. This involved panning the “tripod legs” sounds left and right and using expanding reverb and amplitude on the blower sound to make it sound “inflated”.

Logo Reveal - Kurtis 3

We’re looking forward to start including the new logo reveal at the end of some of our upcoming videos.  Big thanksto Heather for taking all these great pics of the video in the making. It’s pretty exciting to see so many great ideas coming from the team as we kick off 2015!

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