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It’s always surprising to see how much can be accomplished and how many things can change and grow within a year. Here is a collection of some of our favourite moments and milestones from 2014. How the time has flown by!

1. Weddings

We always push ourselves to tell honest stories. This year, we pushed ourselves even further to find personal moments between our couples. We captured some amazing exchanges that will be remembered for a lifetime. We had the chance to be a part of some very unique weddings. We shot a wedding with Justin Bieber, Tom Hanks, Ed Sheeran, Carley Rae Jepsen and Usher as guests and it was nuts! We also filmed a wedding at the top of Grouse Mountain for the Treliving family and a super fun wedding for the Tootoo family.

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Working on these weddings we worked with so many talent people, getting to work with these people is truly an inspiration. People like DreamGroup Productions, Petite Pearl, Art of the Party, Collective YouVasia Photography, Will Pursell PhotographyJonetsu Photography, Sweet Pea Photography, Hong Photography just to name a few. The talent in this town is incredible and we feel so fortunate to be able to call these people our friends! Plus several of our wedding couples were published in Wedluxe Magazine, so it was definitely a really cool year on that front!

2. New Commercial Films

We really pushed ourselves in this area in 2014. We worked with some amazing clients, from big companies like Steve Nash fitness, Red Truck Brewing, L’Occitane, Bosa Properties and Children’s Wish to new innovative companies that are pushing the envelope to help change the world like Tzoa and iHeart.

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We used some incredible new gear to push our story telling to the next level. DJI RONIN, CANON C300, Camera Cranes, Helicopters and all sorts of other fun tools. All of these helped to tell stronger stories and made us better filmmakers.

3. Launched Community Tree Music

It’s pretty amazing to see this idea come to life. It’s been an exciting year of finding talented artists to work with and bringing everyone together as a new hub for Canadian music for film. We had a community tree concert with Luca Fogale and Corey of Windmills. Putting that on was so much fun. We could not have done it with out our good friend Kiri of Lovely Event Co. We could not have put the site and all the branding together with out our amazing friend and designer Christina of Paper Clip Creative.


We have lots of big plans already for 2015: more concerts, more amazing bands and artists as well as more contests and more fun surprises for everyone who loves films and amazing Canadian musicians!

4. Studio Renovations

Everyone needs to love the space where they work. We had the opportunity this year to really redesign our space and create a truly unique environment to have ideas. Huge thanks to our talented graffiti artist Chemis who helped us turn this room into a colourful space where we can be inspired.

Best Moments - Studio Reno

5. New Team

Our team has grown big time over the past year!  No longer a duo, we’ve welcomed passionate and innovative filmmakers Heather, Eric, Brian and Kurtis to our editing team and Gina to our social media and marketing team.  Things have definitely gotten even more exciting at our office. Having a bigger team has meant more collaboration and more energy to push our stories forward.

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We have always let passion and inspiration motivate us. We love to dive right in head first and 2015 will be no exception. We have so many cool wedding stories to tell in 2015. In February we are filming a wedding in Tofino. We also have several destination weddings coming.  We will be making some amazing commercial films with Red Truck Brewing, Steve Nash Fitness world, a Zombie commercial and a so many more. We can’t wait to share more of our films. It’s going to be another inspiring season for sure! We can’t wait!


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