Some of you may remember the Captured Pre-Wedding Video of Dan and Michelle we did not too long ago. Now we will take you into what was a very emotional and fun filled wedding day that took place at Brix Restaurant in Yaletown, Vancouver.

We love it when couples have a card written for one another. The emotional build-up as the card opens followed by the attempt to hold back the tears and joy that it brings as it is read always makes for an amazing moment. We have been to many weddings and on many occasions we watch someone struggle to hold back their tears. Michelle reading her card from Dan has to be one of our favorite moments of the year. From that five seconds of reading you can really see how much love came from just that one paragraph.

Brix Restaurant is a great place for an intimate wedding and we were so happy to be back there again. The Wedding day was perfect and a big reason for that was because of the amazing Wedding Co-ordinator Nicole Turcotte. We also got to work with some very talented vendors. Melanie Tremblay from Mink Makeup made everyone look stunning, and Kat and Cheryl from Katch Studios did some amazing photography and we must thank them for giving us the movie poster for this highlight video.


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