We were about to set off to film a wedding for Amy and Mike on the sunshine coast at Rockwater Secret Cove.  Just before we left we found out that we would be sharing a room with the musician from the wedding, Luca Fogale. We didn’t think to much of it but little did we know that this would be a key element to how we were going to tell Amy and Mike’s wedding story… Plus we were about to make a really cool new friend in the process.

People ask us a lot, what do you guys do about music in your films? We believe what you hear in a film can be just as important as what you see and finding the right soundtrack to your story means more than finding a song that sounds good.  Simply put, we try to figure out what kind of music best fits the story, is it a sad story, a happy story, is it filled with energy and excitement or is it very low key and intimate? All of these factors we consider before we search for the perfect sound track and having a site like Community Tree Music to help us narrow down the right tracks really helps. We also license our music.  Licensing a song makes you feel great, you know that the artist is being payed for their hard work and we have the legal right to use it.  It’s just the right way to go!

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Sometimes finding the right sound track can be a process and you need to search high and low until you find the one that fits.  Other times it’s sitting right in front of you. This was the case for Amy and Mike’s wedding film. As I mentioned we knew we would be rooming with Luca Fogale for the night. We quickly became friends with him during the wedding, it was very clear to us that this guy had talent!  The vibe he put out seemed to really line up with the couple, obviously they asked him to be there, in fact the reason for this was that they heard him play some original music in a lounge and right then and there asked him to come play at their wedding. That being said he played a lot of cover stuff at the wedding and it was all really good, however we never got to hear his original stuff.

Sure enough after the shooting day was done we returned home to our shared condo for the night.  When we got their Luca was sitting on the sofa with his guitar and we all sat down to chat over a drink.   The conversation turned into a concert just for us and suddenly it was request night at our condo.  We had a blast and stayed up way to late. Finally, John asked Luca to play us some original stuff, before he played each song he told us the story behind it, what the inspiration was and what the song means to him, it was super cool stuff.

Amy and Mike 6

We were absolutely blown away by his talent, so much that we asked if we could use his music in Amy and Mikes film. He was really kind and let us pick what ever we wanted to use in their film. What a swell guy! Two of his songs really fit the emotional tone of the story.  You can see what we mean below.

Using Luca’s music was not only the perfect energy and mood for this film it also added even more, by being so personal to Amy and Mike having him at their wedding.  This really added a lot to the film, it made the whole story so original, just like our couple, a perfect fit!

Most importantly we made a really good friend in Luca, we all had a serious hang over the next morning as we polished off all the wine, but it was worth it, any thing to tell a good story lol!

Amy and Mike 5

You can find more amazing music to license for your projects, including music by Luca Fogale and other incredible musicians on Community Tree Music.  Also be sure to check out Luca’s website and follow him – http://www.lucafogale.com