So we have our idea.  Now what?

Being a video production company in Vancouver is really amazing.  We are surrounded by inspiration through all the different types of landscapes and environments.  From farms, beaches and skyscrapers to beautiful mountains and trails, Vancouver has it all, but finding the right location isn’t always easy.

Finding the right location is so important because it sets your background which represents the story you are trying to tell. Having the perfect background can make your story much more powerful.  Whether we are filming a simple interview, a product or a bunch of zombies, we make sure our location adds to the tone and overall feel that we want our viewers to embrace.

So how and why, out of all the locations in Vancouver, did we choose this particular one for this particular promo video?


We first had to identify all of our must haves or requirements:

  • We needed two main buildings, one that would be the bank and one that would be the CME office.
  • We required a road or large open space between the two main buildings as we wanted to use one long continuous shot and avoid cuts so we could really immerse the viewer into the scene.
  • We needed to end the video with a zombie slamming into a door that would reveal the CME logo.


With every location that requires a large crew comes some basic human essentials that are needed. By having multiple makeup artists, actors, extras, photographers, and the production crew on set all day there were a few things we needed to keep in mind:

  • Are their washrooms nearby?
  • Is parking available?
  • Will there be any pedestrians around?
  • Is there power available?

With our checklist of requirements and essentials in hand we were ready to start location scouting. A great place to start searching is online to see what kind of options are available. Google maps can be an amazing tool to preview a location before going in person which is a huge time saver. We typically spend a day or two searching online before going to do our site visits in person.

After countless cups of coffee and a few YouTube breaks we finally stumbled upon a very promising location known as Jamestown in Langley, BC.  Our next step was to go do a site visit to make sure it had all of the essentials we needed. It’s helpful to do a site visit at the same time of day that you want to begin shooting at so you can properly assess the lighting. When we arrived we were ecstatic at how perfectly the location fit into the story that we wanted to create. You know when you smell that coffee brewing in the morning and then have your first sip and the butterflies of excitement begin fluttering? It was sort of like that. The location met all of our requirements and then some, there was even unicorns! Ok, maybe they were horses and we got a little carried away in all the excitement. We found the perfect location!


So with our idea in place and our location secured we were ready to start production.  Stay tuned for our next post in which we talk about what it is like to work on set with a bunch of zombies.