There is one thing every wedding film ever created has in common: THE WEDDING. If we thought about wedding films as only that, we would very quickly run out of stories to tell. Every video would feel the same. Over the years, we’ve learned that the wedding day makes up just one of the elements in a couple’s love story.

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When we sit down with a couple for the first time to talk about filming their wedding, we actually don’t dive into the details of the wedding day right away. The first thing we do is ask questions to help us get to know them

How did the two you meet?

What are you really passionate about?

What are the most important elements of the wedding video FOR YOU?

Do you have anything fun planned in the days leading up to the wedding?

This helps us understand what aspects of the wedding and people in the wedding are the most important on the day we go to film.

hockey wedding

But we don’t just want to ask lots of questions. One of the best ways  we can actually DO this is choose an event leading up to the wedding we can tag along and go film. Filming with Betty and Dan was particularly fun. They are both incredibly adventurous and outgoing people and they both love hockey. Going with them to play hockey one evening was perfect. Dan even had a custom jersey made for Betty with his last name on the back, really symbolizing them coming together as a family. The two of them are completely in their element on the ice just having fun together. In this kind of setting, couples are able to relax and just be themselves. We get to see who they really are and what they are passionate about.  It allows us to bring home some really genuine footage ahead of time so we are more in tune with the couple on the wedding day.

Betty and Dan Wedding

The wedding day has a completely different feel to it. There are a million things happening at once. Sometimes this kind of setting can make it difficult for couples to relax and be themselves. Getting to know Betty and Dan ahead of time really helped with this. It got them used to being on camera. Sometimes they were able to forget we were in the room at all. This is what we’re going for.

Betty and Dan Wedding Orange Flowers

Filming Betty and Dan at the hockey game before the wedding really tied their story together. The wedding day isn’t the only evidence of a couple’s love for each other. It’s their history and the way they interact with each other every day of their lives.

Photographer: Will Pursel Photography
Ceremony: Wall Centre
Venue: Highcroft Manor

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