“We have never been to the Grand Canyon before. Well, what are we waiting for?”

Megan and Mike have a really cool engagement story that took place at The Grand Canyon. Mike surprised Megan with a ring at one of the most amazing natural wonders on planet earth. Epic right?! When they told us about this story, we thought, “We have never been to the grand Canyon before. We should go film that story.” Mike and Megan loved the idea and suddenly started to get really excited about it. So we headed back to the studio and started figuring out how we could make it happen. We love working with adventurous, passionate people, and Megan and Mike are exactly that.

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With any shoot, it all begins with the story. We needed to know how they met, why the Grand Canyon, and of course, the details of the proposal. Megan and Mike met in high school, which was the perfect opportunity to open with a fun animation. This animation tells a large part of the story in just a short period of time. How they met was a key hook to introduce us to them and the proposal.

Mike was nervous the entire time, like most men are before they pop the question. They rented a really cool sports car (Mike was pumped about that), then they drove out to the Grand Canyon. They got lost a few times along the way but finally arrived at their destination. Mike got down on one knee and you guessed it, she said yes!

Megan and Mike - WP 1

For us a huge part of this story was the location. To accompany this video, we also created a making-of video  about location scouting. We cover a lot of different aspects of location scouting and we love sharing these ideas with you! Getting to travel and film in the southwest was an amazing opportunity for us and exactly the kind of thing we love most. We are so proud to share this video with you all and we feel so fortunate to be able to work with such adventurous and passionate people like us!




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