Somewhere in your search for a wedding videography team you’ve spotted CTM and thought to yourself: there’s something special about these guys.  So you booked an appointment with us to chat about your wedding! We wanted to share with you some insight on how we like to approach our initial client meetings. What should you expect from your first video consultation with CTM? Read along to learn how to come prepared and what makes CTM unique.



How did you meet?

It’s important to realize right away this first meeting is really about getting to know you and your story. The details of your wedding are important, but they are only the beginning to the message we want to communicate in your film. The better we can get to know you as people and as a couple, the better we can communicate your story through video. Everyone’s story starts somewhere.

Tell us about your personalities.

Are you emotional? Are you romantic? Adventurous? Just getting to know this is a huge part of our job. The more we know about you, the better we can anticipate your reactions and expressions on the wedding day. It will help us choose which moments on the actual wedding day will be the most important to focus on. Anticipation is key.

J & R

We want to know where your story begins. Knowing the much as we can about your background and relationship gives us a better understanding of how to plan our video. Who else at the wedding is an important character in your story? If your great aunt’s cousin-in-law is an important part of your story, let us know ahead of time; otherwise we won’t know to film them at your wedding, and chances are they won’t make the final cut.

What kind of fun things do you have planned leading up to the wedding?

We like to find out what you guys like to do in your spare time. Whenever possible, we love getting the opportunity to film with our clients before the big day. It allows us to get to know you in a more relaxed environment, capture genuine moments, and gives us a lot of material to work with before the wedding even begins.

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Who else are you working with?

Every wedding we film we get to meet new people in the business. The most important part about working with other vendors for us is that they are nice people. If they’re positive, hard working, and professional we’ll be in great company. However, working with people we already have a relationship with, and who we know do amazing work, is always a bonus for us.

Elaine & Patrick's Wedding

Once this groundwork has been set, then we can move on to the nitty gritty details. If you’re working with a planner, we can get most of this information directly from them. The initial consultation is a tremendously important part in our work. The better plan we can create before going to film, but better the final video will become.

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