Anyone who knows a lawyer knows that they can have a way with words. It’s their job to tell a story and convince us that it is fact.

When it came to Joanna and Pierre we needed no convincing. Joanna and Pierre live in Hong Kong, so it was hard to really get a good idea of who they were and what they were all about. It was important that I meet them before the wedding so that I could be really clear on what kind of film I could make for them. Joanna was so awesome, she was funny sweet and really smart. Pierre however was not able to make the meeting but I was fortunate enough to see a video of Pierre dancing the night away at a friends wedding in London. I gotta say it was very entertaining, Pierre really had some moves! Every little bit counts when it comes to learning about a couple before you shoot their wedding. After meeting Joanna and watching this video I had a great start. I also came to the rehearsal early and met all the family and getting to know them all really helped me learn even more about our couple.

Any time we get a chance to work with a wedding planner as calm, cool and as organized as Jessica Minnie of Petite Pearl Events it really makes our lives easier. We are always looking for ways to tell a bigger story, we often want to do more then just film the wedding, maybe something else is happening the days leading up to the wedding, something that can really help us tell our story. With Joanna and Pierre we knew that coming to Vancouver from Hong Kong to get married was very adventurous so we were looking for ways to express this sense of adventure in our film. After chatting with Jessica about everything going on for the wedding I learned that they would be going on a boat trip around vancouver with close family and friends. To me this was something that I felt could really help tell the story of adventure.

I know the couple, I know what they are like, I know all the details of the wedding and what reflects them so what else is left? What else do I need to tell a strong story about these two sweet, fun, well spoken people. I need some words! I need a story, I need the speeches. Now Pierre told me he was just going to wing it and he said he speaks from the heart. I loved that so I just asked if he would tell me some story points so I had a heads up. His speech, even though I was not 100% aware of what he was going to say, sounded like it was going to be great, however I was still searching for more. On the day of the wedding I noticed that Joanna was writing a speech, I did not know she was going to speak and this came up last minute. I filmed her writing it on her bed as some good potential B roll, then I asked her if I could read it. She of course said yes. I was blown away by the speech! It told the story of one night when they where on an adventure outside of Hong Kong, and how on this night he proposed, by asking her a hypothetical question…..Yes, Pierre is definitely a Lawyer. This story is so true to who they are, I knew that this mixed with the boating trip footage would really set the stage for a fun and adventurous opening, one that we will not soon forget.

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