“I’m just here fore the Savasana”  “I’m with the Bandha”  and “I drive my own Karma”.  These are just a few gut busters from Inner Fire’s laughing yogi collection.  The founder, Leah Emmott, @innferfirelife sure knows how to turn a phrase.  She can take anything you throw at her, give it her own spin and make you giggle until you wet your pants… Seriously though, it has been known to happen…

So when Leah came into the CTM Studio one day and says, “hey fellas.  What kind of video can you make for me?”  The ideas started percolating instantly and we knew right away this was going to be a fun project!

The best part about our job is all the different and wonderful people we get to meet.  We work with people from all walks of life.  We end up learning so much from people and getting to tell their stories allows us to better understand them and help us grow, not only as film makers but as human beings.  That was a little mushy, but it’s TRUE!

Leah is one talented lady.  She was in a band in her youth that played some cool music and had their own tour bus.  Crazy, right?  She is also an artist, designer, yoga instructor, and just an all around sweetheart.  When we started to talk about how www.myinnerfire.com came to be, she told us about a very special moment in her life when she found her own inner fire.  She had just finished teaching a bunch of yoga classes in a row, was way over worked, and she started feeling stomach cramps.  Before she knew it, whew as rushed to the hospital and had to have surgery.  It turned out she had an ovarian cyst.  This emergency operation sidelined her for months.  She found she had to stop what she was doing and refocus.  It was during this downtime that she started making crafts and funny t-shirts for her friends.  What started off as just a hobby became a full blown passion and Inner Fire was born.

When Lea was reciting her story we found many similarities in our own story.  When we started CTM it was just a hobby, but in a few months it became a full blown business and the rest is history.  If you are lucky enough to find something in life that makes you happy please grab hold of it and don’t let go!  When a man dies they do not ask if he was rich or if he was successful, they ask, did he have a passion?  To us, “passion” was the story of Inner Fire.

We started by finding some people who had a passion in all kinds of ways.  This is why we chose to include yoga but also dance, photography and music.  This allows us to tell a much deeper and more dynamic story.  Which brings us to another great part of our jobs, getting to work with old friends again!  When we started thinking of passionate people a few jumped to mind right away.  A year ago we were lucky enough to get to shoot a promo film for www.wellhellophotography.com.  It was one of our favourite shoots of the year.  Lyndsay @wellhello is the best!  She is fun, gorgeous and her passion for photography jumps off the screen.  She was a natural fit.  It was so fun getting to work with her again.

The other person that we knew had tons of passion was Luca Fogale @lucafogale.  We recently met Luca at a wedding shoot on the sunshine coast and we hit it off right away.  This incredibly talented musician from Vancouver BC has a more laid back energy, yet his passion for music is undeniable.  We felt that his style would go really well with Lyndsay’s and would give us a lot of diversity in the piece.

This shoot was one to remember.  We made some new friends and got to work with some old ones.  We laughed, cried and had a blast!  We could go on about how much fun we had making Inner Fire but it is probably best if you pop some popcorn, sit back and Just Press Play!

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