In every single wedding we do we always look for those candid moments that really add so much feeling to our videos. We capture so much footage at each wedding that it can often be overwhelming. But what fuels the addiction is the rare, unique moment that can define an entire video and in most cases, we (and our 4 cameras) are often the only witnesses.

This was our first Greek wedding and it was a blast! We filmed the reception at Swaneset Golf course and could have stayed there all night capturing the dancing and celebrating. One particular dance, known as Zeibekiko (or in other words, Greek Drunk Dance), involved dancing around a shot glass. Everyone would crowd around around the dancer, yell, cheer and slap the ground. Both Jenn, Ari, family and friends were so much fun to be around and we believe this video showcases how much of a tight knit group they all are.

Finally, it was a pleasure to work with the ever amazing Ellen Ho from Hong Photography. She provided us with the poster for this video and her photography is absolutely stunning.