Twelve, twelve, twelve. What does this date mean to you? To Jenn and Paolo this date was just the last set of consecutive dates of the year, they liked the sound of it, that was really it. So needless to say they were a little shocked to wake up on their wedding day and find themselves on the front cover of the Vancouver Metro news paper as well as a write up in the Province newspaper. There was even a request from the news channel to film some of their Ceremony.

None the less, being on the front cover of the paper for being married on 12.12.12. was definitely exciting but not nearly as exciting as being able to share their wedding day with family and friends from all over the world, from Vancouver to Virginia and even as far away as Brazil. It was in Brazil were Paolo proposed to Jenn. When we first met with them they told us their very fun and unique engagement story. We were so entertained by it we thought it would be fun to interview them and have them share it with you as well. Set at one of our favorite locations, Brix Restaurant provided a very intimate and personal backdrop to tell such a unique story on such a special day, and ultimately for us one we are not soon to forget.

We felt the soundtrack, The Dimes – Walden and the Willows (Instrumental), for this piece was a perfect fit to the feeling that came across throughout the day. We chose the instrumental version because we felt it complimented the calm and fun-loving couple that Paolo and Jenn are without it overpowering the tone of the story itself.

A big thank you to Alicia Keats for all her help planning the day! Here is how it all came together….

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