The Comox Valley is a small mountain town right smack in the middle of Vancouver Island. It’s the kind of place where not a lot changes and people still smile when you pass them on the street. Most importantly, it’s the place we grew up.  We played street hockey, swam in the rivers, made life-long friends, made films, went to school and became men. Coming back Comox still feels like home.

Since Comox is a pretty small town, we had the privilege of growing up with the close-knit group of people. One of those people was Kari Simpkins. Kari was the kind of person that was just full of joy. Making Kari laugh was the best feeling ever because she would laugh with her whole body it just filled the room with energy and made you feel like a million bucks!


One day we were hanging out in the studio when the bat-phone rang (we call it the bat-phone because we are huge nerds) – it was Kari’s Mom, Kim.  She had a very unique request for us, she told us that Kari loved our work and desperately wanted a Capture the Moment Video, but a video was just not in their wedding budget. We understand that wedding budgets can get really crazy. Kari’s Mom knew that not having a wedding video was something that broke Kari’s heart.  Mom had called us in to save the day! Kim requested that we arrange to film Kari and Chris’ big day and, better yet,  let’s make it a surprise! Normally this would be a difficult challenge, since we need to get to know people before we arrive on the day, in order to make their wedding video personal. However, in this case we already new Kari so well, it was a great opportunity to make this special day even more special for Kari and Chris.


Planning this shoot went really well – Kim was so awesome, she would find out all the important info and she would report back to us like a secret agent. Kim totally understood what we needed to make the video great. She had informed us of a street hockey game that the boys would be having the morning of the wedding. Now nothing says the “Vancouver Island” like a street hockey in August and we thought it would be a great thing to incorporate into their video! Chris didn’t know we would be coming so when the boys pulled up we were ready to go with camera’s in hand. It was a lot fun just dropping in and filming. Shooting at the same hockey box where we had played as kids brought back fond memories of classic battles and it was truly an inspiring place for us to shoot!


Another special place to us was the wedding ceremony location. The beautiful Filberg Lodge was the same place where we would go for walks, festivals and where our highschool graduation ceremonies were held. Coming back and filming here was a really cool experience. Being able to film someone taking a big step in their lives like getting married in a familiar place felt really symbolic. Plus, it’s just a stunning spot to shoot which never hurts.

After all the planning and help from Kim, we felt we had a really good grasp on Chris and Kari’s story.  Kari is outspoken and very full expression, while Chris is a little more laid back. The wedding day is the moment were these two unique individuals come together and become a family. The key element to telling this story was their daughter, Tenley. Their beautiful daughter was the glue that connected Kari and Chris. Throughout the wedding day, it was clear that Tenley was a very loved little girl. The wedding was a way of celebrating the family that Kari, Chris and Tenley are.  Tenley’s presence  during all the key moments of the day was such a wonderful thing which completed the story of Kari and Chris.


Everyone loves surprises! Surprising Kari on her wedding day was something we felt so honored and flattered to be apart of. We thought we would be sneaky and try and document the surprise. We filmed this by just holding the camera in our hand (we did not want Kari to see us filming it so forgive us if it is a little shaky) – we call this camera angle CTM stealth mode…. Thanks for reading and check out the surprise video – it’s a lot of fun!


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