This video is particularly special to us. It is our first video we have done in the town we grew up in… The Comox Valley!

For those of you who don’t know much about the Comox Valley, it is perhaps one of the best places you could ever live. A small town. The people are friendly. There’s beaches. Short commutes. and its a great place to get married!

The ceremony took place at the Filberg, an absolutely stunning location, while people danced the night away at Crown Isle for the reception. The ceremony had to be one of our most favorite parts of the day to capture. We picked up some great moments, although it was hard not too as Kristin (looking absolutely gorgeous) was full of smiles as you will see in the video.

We also had the pleasure to work alongside some very talented people. Richelle Newson and Cortney Donaldson who did the Hair and makeup; and Ria Hansen, who does some beautiful photography (see her work by clicking HERE) and we would like to thank her for allowing us to use her picture for the poster on this video!


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