For as long as we can remember we have always loved music videos, the emotion and feelings created by the song combined with compelling visuals has always been inspiring for us as filmmakers. Also, the freedom you have as a storyteller to not have to directly express the narrative of the story, rather solely focus on how the visuals can create an emotion. Music videos are all about how you feel while watching it and because of this you have a license to be very creative. 

We like to think of ourselves as a creative minded team. So when we have an opportunity to work with someone that understands the creative process and can relate to what we go through as creative people it makes for an exciting collaboration. Who better to make our first music video with then the brilliant ursidae. Working with this incredibly talented artist was inspiring and rewarding to say the least. Since collaboration was so key for us to pull this music video off, we thought it made sense to ask ursidae a few question, to get her point of view on the process and experience filming with us.




ctm media : When did you first start writing music and why?

ursidae : It just kind of happened. My father and my brother picked up the guitar around the same time and I would sneak into their rooms to play it. My playing wasn’t purposely secretive but I played alone in my room for many years without anyone really noticing. The guitar was always to accompany my voice but I hadn’t sung in front of anyone since I had formal training as a kid. Everything just flowed after that, I started experimenting with finger patterns and some basic chords and that was that.

ctm media : What inspires you to create your music?

ursidae : I am inspired to write dark, sad feelings that take over sometimes. Sadness is hard because it’s not seen as a desirable emotion to be feeling yet everyone has experience with it. Much of what I write is about unrequited love, but others were written from an outside perspective looking at me. The nice thing about writing about sadness is that it has a therapeutic quality to it: the more I play a song, the more the feeling becomes detached from the music. I think many songwriters can agree with that. Otherwise it would be so very difficult to perform.

ctm media : What is the song “Rust” ultimately about?

ursidae : The end of a relationship where there is a mutual understanding that it’s over – or needs to be – but an unwillingness to let go. There’s a positive ending though, I think.

ctm media : How do you want people to feel when they hear this song?

ursidae : I think this is something a lot of people can relate to. I don’t necessarily want people to cry, but I’ve been told it does make people cry sometimes. Any song that you really connect with in that moment can bring out the same, raw emotion that I put into it and given the universality of the content, I guess that makes sense.

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ctm media : What kind of music videos inspire you?

ursidae : I love simplicity, nature-scenes and slow-motion dancing. Like, that video of Thom Yorke dancing in ‘Lotus Flower’ and even Chersea’s ‘Grey Matter’ video. And soft lighting or pretty lights or horizons. It’s all about the atmo(sphere). Ultimate music video: two people waltzing in the forest. In the rain.

ctm media: What was it about our work that made you think we would be a good fit for this project?

ursidae : I love the way they (Capture the Moment Media) capture emotion on film. The subtleties of it. And the nature shots!

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ctm media : How did the idea for the music video come to be?

ursidae : I had a dream about journeying up a mountain, alone and ending in a clearing. Looking out on a body of water at the edge of the clearing, I released something red into the wind and it was carried away. Although not unusual for some, the only dreams I seem to remember are nightmares. So the memory of the dream in and of itself was significant. I brought the idea to my dear, creative friend, Heather (the Essence Oracle), who then saw the connection between the Eastern idea of destined lovers being connected by a red thread. So we began planning but realized that we didn’t have enough background in undertaking a project like this alone. I (ursidae) am a part of the Community Tree Music catalogue, who are connected to Capture the Moment Media. I knew that’ be a good place to start asking about the details of what it take to turn Heather and my concept into reality. They loved it and so we went from there.

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ctm media : From your point of view what was the experience of making a music video like?

ursidae : The respect I have for those who work in creative industries has always been high. I have very little experience with photography (Heather’s background) or film so I went into it blind. But after seeing how much work film is, my respect for those in this field is that much higher. It’s more work than people think! Even I found it taxing and all I did was stand there, really. And ran a few times. Everyone who helped with this was so passionate about making it so it was a really enjoyable experience for me.

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ctm media : When you watch the finished film how does it make you feel?

ursidae : It’s pretty wild seeing my face on screen. Much like hearing my own voice on recording, it’s a bit uncomfortable at the start. But it’s so beautiful so I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! I am really grateful to everyone who helped out with the various aspects of what it takes to make a music video, big and small: styling, make-up, hair, yarn rolling, behind the scenes-camering, equipment moving, light-making, directing, holding heavy cameras… everything!

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ctm media : What was the best part of the filming experience?

ursidae : I loved being outside. The last location, Lighthouse Park, was gorgeous. We spent quite a while on the cliff edge… I’m glad none of us are afraid of heights. Standing in the sun, looking out at the water, trying not to fall to my death was easily the more exhilarating part.

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ctm media : What’s next for ursidae?

ursidae : Lots! I’m heading over the pond in February and March to visit friends, one of them being Laura Reznek. She’s established herself on the London circuit and I’m hoping to shoot an a capella version of one of my new songs with her and some of her new musical friends. And maybe a gig or two in France because I don’t need a visa. However, I plan on spending most of my time in solitude, writing new music and tuning up some other songs in hopes of getting back in the studio with Cody Taylor (Fiend Recordings) once I get home. And hopefully some festivals in the summer. Just seeing where things take ‘urssy’, I guess.

Buy ursidae’s latest EP “One Year Long” on bandcamp or license her music for your films on Community Tree Music

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Behind the scenes photos by The Essence Oracle

Makeup / Hair – Jacqueline – Beauty Reawakened