Professional videos for your business are an important part of creating a vibrant and intentional presence on the web. Showcasing your core values and company culture through video is one of the most efficient ways to reach your new customers and add value to their online experience. Now that both Instagram and Facebook support native video, this is a great way to optimize your promotional content for each platform. Working with local business owners, we know how much video can do. We love working with passionate entrepreneurs to help their business grow.

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We recently completed a video project for the hospitality equipment rental company, Silver Chef. The final video will be featured on their website and provides a step by step guide through their rental process. From this video, we were able to create a collection of shorter clips that are visually intriguing and spark interest in Silver Chef. We’ve found that by taking advantage of the opportunity to make smaller video clips from our main footage is a smart tactic to ensure your message is communicated clearly across every channel.


During this project, we interviewed six different local business owners who work with Silver Chef. We asked them what inspired them to start something new. From there, we made six individual 15 second videos optimized for Instagram and Facebook. Integrating video into your business’s social media strategy is a great way to build a connection with your audience and deliver engaging visual content online.

323 Semlin Dr
Vancouver, BC V5L

The team at Pallet has a passion for everything coffee. Temperature curves and roast profile analysis is their pleasure reading. Their regard and love for coffee is immediately recognizable to anyone that steps into their storefront. It’s a Vancouver hub for coffee culture, and they sip it like a fine wine. People like going there because of the thought, care, and deliberateness of the space. That’s what makes a business great.

575 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1Z5

The Nosherie has a style unlike anyone else. For The Nosherie, their identity is found in the place itself. It’s not about a feature meal or a specific sandwich. It’s about the homey vibe and an emphasis on top quality food for busy people. Finding your unique voice is what will keep your business relevant. You will also end up creating something you love and enjoy which will lead to more growth.

3468 West Broadway
Vancouver BC V6R 2B3

Energy, creativity, and initiative. It’s always awesome meeting people who love starting something new.  The team at Miss Me Yet are fascinated by the idea of creating something for themselves, and love the rush of a new business. That’s the idea behind Miss Me Yet. The owner is full of energy and everyone on Yelp is raving about this new little place in Kitsilano.

601 Stamps Landing
Vancouver, BC V5Z 3Z1

Working with local businesses who started off small and have grown into something much bigger is always inspiring for us. It’s really exciting to be a part of this success and work with businesses who are on to even bigger things. Mahony and Sons opened another location at Stamps Landing in False creek just last year. The patio has an amazing view of the water and the food is delicious.

715 Columbia Street
New Westminster, BC V3M 1B2

Believe it or not, Waves Coffee was launched right here in Vancouver seven years ago, and since that time they’ve grown to having over 30 locations in British Columbia and Alberta. Building a business takes time. They have since grown to be a household name, and they started it all in the same place as the rest of us.

25 Alexander Street
Vancouver, BC V6A 1B2

Soft Peaks is the new kid on the block in Vancouver’s Gastown district right now. Having launched around 5 months ago they have been providing the downtown community with delicious soft service ice cream on these hot summer days. Their story? Two traveling brothers noticed low fat ice cream shops rising in popularity in Asia and the United States. In Vancouver, it was still a niche market. That’s when they came up with the idea of Soft Peaks.

Every company can benefit from video. Finding ways to share your idea with the world is a fundamental part of making it to the next stage in your business. When you tell someone what you do, you want to be proud of it. Find your message and run with it. A professional video lets you do exactly that, and now that there are so many available avenues for sharing content, one video has endless possibility. There is a tremendous feeling of satisfaction that comes from building something from scratch and bringing your own idea to life.

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