We are excited to share with you our latest video which is a next day edit. We played this Highlight Video of Sean and Michelle’s wedding last night at the Grand Ballroom in Richmond. It was a lot of fun.

We first met with Sean and Michelle last year to discuss their wedding plans. They told us they had planned to do a fusion type wedding as they want to implement some family traditions into their wedding while at the same time have a western style wedding. They chose a beautiful location for their Ceremony at the UBC Boathouse and it was the perfect day to have it with the sun shining bright in the sky.

Michelle mentioned to us that she really enjoyed some of our past videos in which the couples exchange cards. Sean wrote a card to Michelle and instantly she started getting emotional as you will see in this video.

Finally, we had a blast working with Chris and Gina from Butter Studios. This was our first time working with them and we really hope it is not our last.