We first met with Stephanie last year at Starbucks to talk a bit about her wedding plans and get to know her a little. In most cases we get to meet with both the Bride and Groom, however Patrick was out of town. It was not until a week or so before the wedding in which we got to meet Patrick. We could instantly tell how perfect these two were for each other. During the meeting Patrick mentioned he is the emotional one so we will probably see him tear up at some point during the wedding day. Of course the moment came when Stephanie surprised him with a card before the Ceremony. It is these moments in which you can see the underlying feelings in its truest form. Definitely one of our favourite moments of the day.

The day was perfect in every way. The weather was beautiful, the friends and family were all enjoying themselves and the Vendors were great to work with! The dance party was amazing as one of our favourite DJ’s in the business, DJ Leanne, rocked the tunes. One of our favourite parts of the reception was when each table had to dance to a selected song before going up to get their food. You will see some of this in the Highlight Video and it was hilarious! Of course some of these amazing moments during the day was captured by Mikaela Ruth and her husband Shane, the Photographers for the day. They were so much fun to work with and you should definitely take a moment to check out their photos from the day by clicking HERE. Finally, a shout out to our good friend Elsa Corsi. We love going to weddings and seeing brides with her jewellery as it always sparkles and looks stunning!

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