Same-Day Edits are amazing and have to be one of our favourite things for us to showcase as we get to witness the reactions that occur as the video plays right before everyone’s eyes at the reception. For those who are not familiar with Same Day Edits (SDE), we edit together a highlight video on the very day the wedding took place and we showcase it at the Reception so everyone can relive the experience. We often hear people say “I have never seen something like that before” as it is truly an emotional moment and can often be a completely unique surprise for everybody in the room.

We push the limits to include as much of the day as possible. You may have noticed in videos such as Kristin & Jason’s, or Erica & Nima’s that footage from the Reception itself was included. Listening to the shock and awe that fills the room as people may have just witnessed that very event occur only a short time ago is a very exciting moment.

So to give you an idea of what it is like to experience a Same-Day Edit, here is the one we played at Erica and Nima’s wedding last Saturday.Only this time, all eyes are on the Bride and Groom. Enjoy!