Everyone loves great animation. Animation has the ability to really liven up video, hold people’s attention, and explain even the most complex ideas. We love using animation in our films when the situation is right.


Sole Annimation

We have a lot of companies that ask for videos that are very informative and we’ve had the opportunity to use animation in several of our previous projects. It played a very important role in our video with Sole to explain how to repurpose old wine corks into new products, such as sustainable footwear.


IHeart Annimation

We also used elements of animation in our work with iHeart Alive, a wearable health monitoring device that measures aortic stiffness – sounds complicated right?


Layfield Animation

In our work with Layfield, they wanted us to come in and shoot shots of their factory. Layfield does a lot of things and visually there’s a ton of really cool stuff going on over there, but to understand exactly what that equipment does isn’t always immediately clear.


Group 9
Our work with Silver Chef presented a very similar situation. Silver Chef buys restaurant equipment for business owners and rents it back to them, lightening the upfront cost of expensive professional equipment so business owners can start turning a profit right away.

For the Silver Chef video, we called on our handy animator and video editor Riley for the job. Riley was also the man behind the animation work for Sole and iHeart. Riley did a great job finding a simple way to explain a complex chain of actions for renting business owners to understand when they go to rent equipment from Silver Chef.


Animation is a very powerful tool for expressing complex ideas. There are lots of ways to explain these ideas through video. Animation is engaging, interesting, and adds a bit more excitement. It grabs peoples attention and brings them along for the ride.  If you are thinking about using animation in your video, here are some of the best situations to use it:

1. When you want to add a professional touch
2. When you need to really grab a viewer’s attention
3. When you have a story to tell AND demonstrate
4. Informative videos
5. To reinforce a point


That’s why we use animation. It’s a great tool for taking complex ideas, breaking them down into smaller parts, and communicating them in a way that is easy to understand and fun to watch. Plus who doesn’t love cartoons!!