A wedding video is just one of the many moving parts when it comes to planning a wedding. There are literally a million ways to spend a million dollars really quickly. Priorities early on are crucial. Wedding videos are often one of the last things people think about adding to their wedding – if it even crosses their mind at all. So why video? It’s different for everyone. We’ve noticed guys to be a bit more hesitant ones when it comes to booking a wedding videographer. So, man to man, here’s why we think wedding video is so important.

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Our co-owners Mat and John launched CTM Media in 2010. As much as they loving wedding videos, the truth is they also love Star Wars. Get to know our team. We’re all about superhero movies, science fiction, and sports over here. We didn’t get into this industry to make cookie cutter, lovey-dovey, already-seen-it wedding videos. We’re here because we love filming people. We make awesome wedding videos and find your true character to tell truly amazing stories.

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The role of a photographer and the role and style of a videographer are very different. Especially at CTM, we are always looking for those candid shots that communicate the experience of actually being there. A video captures real personalities. It presents people exactly as they are in that moment. Five to ten years down the road, listening back to the voices of friends and family members is a powerful experience. A wedding video is a time capsule of your life up to that point. No other medium will does this as well as video.

There are a lot of wedding videographers in town and everyone has their own style and approach. Do you research and find the videos you love watching. Every company does it differently. Hire a videographer that will create a video that you’ll want to watch again and again. Don’t just dig for the best deal. Quality and cost go hand and hand in film.

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Not everyone is used to being on camera. Well, we have good news, no experience is required. Our style of shooting is super candid. You won’t need to pose, or do anything different than you normally would. Our job as videographers is to capture the day as it happens, tell an honest story, and put together the best moments. We’re super fun to shoot with. It comes across very natural and you’ll feel like a just another buddy showed up to hang out before the ceremony.

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A wedding video is a really cool thing you’ll be able to share with your kids. The people you choose to have at your wedding are some of the most important people in your life, all together, in one place at the same time. That doesn’t happen very often. Make the most of the opportunity to be present with those people. Being able to look back and see everyone as they were is really special.

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We love getting to know our wedding clients before the wedding. If there are pre-wedding activities booked, it’s a great opportunity for us to grab some b-roll, and you’ll feel more comfortable with us around on the actual wedding day. By the time it’s your wedding, your brain will be so busy with so many other things you won’t even notice we’re there.

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With video you gain some extra flexibility when it comes to who gets to experience your wedding. Your guest list is sensitive. No one wants to take a measuring tape to their friends and family, but you can’t invite everyone. A wedding video is a great way to include more of your friends in your wedding. We’ve done a few very intimate weddings or elopements that do just that. Not everyone wants to get married in front of hundreds of people. A wedding video is a great way to include friends and family who were not able to attend your wedding. A wedding video brings the experience directly to everyone you love.

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Find examples of our most recent work in our portfolio or on our Vimeo page. See how our videos present people as they are and bring the best moments of the wedding day to tell their story. Contact us and tell us more about your wedding and so we can tell your story through video.


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