Do you remember when you were in Elementary school and everyone would gather on the carpet for story time.  It was probably one of the best moments of the day.  Everyone in the class hanging out all in one place listening to the teacher telling us the story of how Clifford the Big Red Dog saved the day.  It was a time when everyone in the class would be completely silent and our minds would explore this world of beginning, middle and end.

Of course, with every great story comes a great idea and we are unbelievably excited to share our process from concept to completion of our latest Kickstarter Film Project for SOLE Shoes!

In fact, we are soooo unbelievably excited to share this story with you that we need to spill out our thoughts and feelings somewhere so figured why not create a place for you to follow our journey on our #WEGOTSOLE Facbeook Page.  If you are interested in filmmaking, storytelling, environmental impact or if you are a cork collector, wine connoisseur or even looking for a place to relax and watch a story unfold, then you should like and follow us. #wegotsole

So.  What is this all about?

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the corks you see collected in bins at Restaurants, Grocery stores, Wineries or Hotels?  Well, they get recycled by ReCORK, a natural cork recycling program.  ReCORK has teamed up with SOLE shoes to allow them to create an amazing pair of shoes for your feet.  Which basically means you can drink your wine, help the planet and walk in a comfy pair of SOLE shoes.  Ok.  How about a visual.  Here is how this process works:

About Diagram

So how does this change the world?  Well, Let’s break it down:

Cork is an amazing, renewable natural resource.

  • Harvesting the cork is actually very healthy for the cork trees.
  • Trees that are regularly harvested can double their life span.
  • Cork is remarkably resilliant and lightweight.

Cork re-used in footwear is an ideal re-use application.

  • Natural qualities match its use in footwear (lightweight, resilient).
  • Sustainable replacement for petroleum-based materials commonly used in footwear.
  • Cork bottle closures are still in cork’s virgin form and readily able to be molded and shaped into new products.


So here we are.  Sure Clifford the Big Red Dog was a great story, but this time we have a story that has a world changing idea.  We may not have a carpet big enough for you all to sit down at, but perhaps the phone or computer screen will do for now.  Follow us as we share our journey in the making of this Kickstarter project for SOLE Shoes.