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Charlotte + Frantz // Let’s lock it down for life

Our wedding film with Charlotte and Frantz took us to, drum roll please… Edmonton, Alberta! Ok maybe it’s not exactly the most exciting or magical place on earth, but we love filming in Edmonton! Most of the projects we film take place in Vancouver and Victoria. Occasionally, clients will ask us to fly out for an event, and that is pretty cool. Remember that Grand Canyon proposal? Alberta can be astonishingly beautiful at all times of the year. It’s super fun for us to get out of town for a while and experience a new city’s energy and check out some of the sites. This visit took us to the famous White Avenue, the Art Gallery of Alberta and the Alberta Fairmont.

A lot of the weddings we film come from referrals from people who have been at a wedding where we were filming. A few years back, we did a wedding video for Dan and Michelle. Michelle is Charlotte’s sister. It’s pretty amazing to be such an important part in a family’s wedding history. We first got to know Michelle as a bride, then as a bridesmaid for Charlotte years later. Part of filmmaking is getting to know our characters so we can find the most important parts of their story. From what we learn about them, we then go to work to find a way to communicate that story on screen. By the time we get to the wedding, we already feel like we’re old friends. It’s always great to see some of our old friends again.

The most interesting part of our journey was we got to work on this project at two different times of the year. Every wedding has a different rhythm and sequence of events to it. Not everything has to happen in the same weekend. With Charlotte and Frantz, they had their private ceremony that winter. Then in the summer they hosted their reception with all their friends and family. It was fun to do the snowy shots and some slider shots on the frozen river – which we later found out wasn’t technically completely frozen yet.

This was a special opportunity for us to tell a unique story. In Charlotte and Frantz’s video, you can actually see the passing of time in Edmonton. You’ll notice it in the surrounding landscapes. You can especially notice with the little baby, who grows so much in those short six months. In the feature video, Frantz and his brother have the same argument about pre-tieing their ties. The passing of time adds a nice touch to the feature edit.

If you’re interested in having us come out to Edmonton or Calgary, we’d love to be there for you. There aren’t as many filmmakers out that way that do what we do the way we do it. That’s why we get those calls, even all the way out in BC. Tell us about your wedding at


Location / Edmonton, Alberta
Client / Charlotte and Frantz
Category / Wedding
Tags / alberta wedding video - Capture the Moment Media - Charlotte - Edmonton Videographer - Edmonton wedding video - Frantz -

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