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Chemis, Old Man and the Sea

You know that feeling you get when you move into a new space and something is missing?….You know, the one where it just feels so bland and boring and you say to yourself, “this place really needs some color!”

Our Studio

We recently moved into a new Studio in Vancouver and this exact feeling overcame us as we stared at this giant white wall.  In our usual fashion, ideas started being tossed around as to what we could do with this as to us, a blank canvas is an opportunity for…well anything!

So, we figured, let’s see if their are any Graffiti artists who would be interested in creating a mural for our new studio.

This is when we met Chemis, an incredibly talented graffiti writer who does more than simply spray a wall with a “tag” or a “scribble”.  He creates illusions in his work that appear 3D which really brings the image to life.  So we met with Chemis, he took some pictures of the wall, shook hands, and we said to ourselves…This is going to be awesome!

Chemis MeasureNot too long after Chemis came to us with paper in hand and showed us his idea.  To be honest, at first wethought, this is kind of strange.  An old man and a young boy in a boat catching a fish?  Not really what we pictured, but we believe when you give an artist the opportunity to use their creativity to its fullest, you will more than likely end up with amazing results.  Chemis went on to tell us it is based on the novel “Old Man and the Sea”, a book written by Ernest Hemingway which centres upon an aging fisherman named Santiago, who struggles with a giant Marlin far out in the Gulf Stream.  There is also a boy in the story which is actually painted as Chemis himself.

Chemis Timelapse

We loved the idea.  Our passion has always been to tell stories and we felt it would be very fitting to have a form of imagery that reflects just that….A Story.  So from 10AM to 530PM, Monday to Friday for about nine days, Chemis was in the office working away.  What was amazing about his process is the precision and concentration to every aspect and detail of the painting.  No paint brushes, no tools, just Chemis, a bunch of spray cans, some tape and the odd measurement, the story was brought to life and we could not be more happier.

Chemis CTMIf you are ever by our studio feel free to drop in and check it out.  For more information PLEASE check out and view some of his other works.




Location / Vancouver
Client / Chemis
Category / Commercial
Tags / 3D Mural - Chemis - Old Man and the Sea - Vancouver Art - Vancouver Graffiti - Vancouver Video Production -

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