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Inner Fire Yoga Apparel /// Trust the Journey

How often do you get to work with great people in the most inspiring locations imaginable, being pushed creatively to accomplish your goals? The answer, every time we work with Inner Fire Yoga Apparel.

We first met Leah, the CEO of Inner Fire, 3 years ago. She was just starting out, screen printing in her garage and she really didn’t have a lot of resources. But what she did have was wit, a kind heart, work ethic and passion. As it turns out that’s all you need.

Since then she has transformed Inner Fire Apparel into a hugely successful brand, it has been amazing to watch her grow and to witness first hand how far your passion and drive can take you. Every shoot our buddy Leah has taken us on has been truly inspiring. From helicopter rides to river beds we can’t wait to see what adventure awaits around the next corner.

In life you must “trust the Journey” you never know how far it might take you…

Video Production Location: Whistler, British Columbia
Client: inner fire
Video Production Camera: Sony A7S
Music: Licensed from Marmoset


Location / Whistler, British Columbia
Client / Inner Fire Yoga Apparel
Category / Commercial
Tags / Capture the Moment Media - Clothing Promo Video - Inner Fire - Vancouver Video Production - vancouver videography - Whistler Video Production - Yoga Apparel - Music / The Earth & Arrow - Remember to Live

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