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James + Trish /// I’m going to remember August 3rd

Capturing great moments often relies on how comfortable people are in front of the camera.  Part of our job is to make people feel at ease and draw them into the story we’re creating. We always make an effort to chose a few intimate settings where our characters can relax and feel like themselves. This is where the magic happens, and it’s such an important part of our films. To us a wedding film is more than a video recording of the day’s events. It’s the story that takes place at the wedding.

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In case they weren’t aware of it before, Trish and James are definitely naturals on camera. Trish was making us laugh left, right, and centre. She is one of those people that just puts a smile on your face and makes you feel at home. She had planned to write James a card that day, and we thought this would be a great opportunity to capture an authentic reaction from James in a quiet place. Little did we know how powerful the next few moments would be.

The card to James was very emotional. At this point, Mat had only been in the room for a good 2 minutes. James was sitting on a sofa facing me and his friends were on the patio behind him outside. James reads the card and about half way through something happens. He gets choked up a bit. Have you ever been so in love you cannot speak? You could see the weight of this moment was sinking in. The person that he has been waiting for his entire life was about to become his wife! Sometimes you just know it’s just meant to be. We will alway remember this moment. The moment when this man was so in love he could not even speak.

James and Trish - WP 3

After he finished reading the card, Mat was so shaken up too we both stood up and hugged it out. We’re sure his friends were like, who was that guy, showing up for five minutes, making James cry, then leaving? We am sure it must have looked a little funny.

Another characteristic thing about weddings we find funny is that the couple often rarely gets to spend any time alone together. They are either standing at the alter, taking photos or sitting at the head table. As a filmmaker, this can sometimes be a challenge. If they were to ever sneak off for a private moment, we really wanted to make sure we caught it on camera. As the sun was setting and we still had a mic on James, we heard them head out to the balcony. Mat told the team and we all put on some long lenses and decided to pick up some of these moments in a very candid way. It was simple. They talked about the day and made little jokes to each other. These are the moments we get really excited for because it is in these moments we get to see who these people really are.

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There where so many incredible moments on this wedding day, plus we had an incredible backdrop to shoot. Victoria is one of our all time favourite places to film. The people are incredible and the the venue and vendors are always so inspiring to work with. Thanks to Details BCPoppy Photography, and Prive Beauty Lounge for putting together such a beautiful day to film. Being able to catch moments like these is always a privilege. Thank you James and Trish!

James And Trish - WP 1



Location / Victoria, BC
Client / James and Trish
Category / Wedding
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