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Jessie + Preeti /// The Walk of Faith

We are all different people, we all have different beliefs, different perspectives and we all make different choices. Boxers or briefs, Pepsi or Coke, Apple or PC. These choices we make lead use down different paths, however no matter how different the path we choose we all face similar challenges and learn similar lessons along the way.

When we set out to film a story we try to put ourselves in the shoes of our characters. What is it about them that stands out and inspires us! In what way can we relate to them, sometimes this can be hard but once we figure out what that is we can begin to connect with, them and we can begin to understand how to film their story. Our latest Sikh Wedding video is a great example of this.

For Jessie and Preeti it was all about the big picture, it was all about the journey we all take as people and how it forms us and makes us who we are. If you have ever been to a Sikh Wedding Ceremony you might have noticed one special part of the ceremony in particular, about half way through the ceremony the Bride and the Groom stand up and walk in a circle 4 times, this is called the Four Laava. When you watch it, it seems relatively understated, it’s not that flashy, it doesn’t demand a to much attention. However what it symbolizes is incredibly significant and would be the key to this story.

We have filmed a few Sikh Wedding Videos in our day and over this time we learned what each circle represents. However we have never worked with a couple that was as spiritual and as educated in the sikh religion as Jessie and Preeti so when we set out to tell their story we really wanted to explore what each circle meant to them. What we discovered was that each circle represented an important part of all our lives, it was a universal truth, something that not only we could relate to but everyone could. Sounds like a great story to us.

We took this as the number one focus of our story. We related the entire week of events back to these 4 circles, every decision we made revolved around these meanings. Not only did this proved the frame work of an incredible story we found it pushed us as film makers and provided us with prospective on our own journey not only making this film but why we make films all together. It’s stories like this that we love sharing with you!

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Location / Banff, Alberta
Client / Jessie and Preeti
Category / Wedding
Tags / alberta wedding video - banff wedding video - Jessie - Preeti - sikh wedding video - south asian - Wedding Videography - Music / Davis Harwell - It's Not the Tragedy that Defines Us

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