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Karen + Taylor /// “see you up there”

For some couples, getting married at a venue or church just won’t do.

We had just finished an incredibly inspiring shoot on the top of a Mountain.  It was our first ever experience going up with SKY Helicopters and was incredibly inspiring!  We were just getting back into our car ready to head home when a new inquiry popped up.  It was from Karen and Taylor and would’t you know it they were getting married on top of a mountain the next year and they would be flying up with SKY Helicopters.

It was fate!

We quickly rang her back and told them where we just were and how incredible we thought her wedding could be. Fast forward to a little less then a year later and there we where, on top of a beautiful private mountain top in the middle of the British Columbia snow capped mountains. It was just us, the photographers (Shari and Mike), the officiant (Shawn Miller, Young Hip and Married) and Karen plus Taylor.

Having such an intimate ceremony meant that Karen and Taylor’s closest family and friends could not attend the wedding ceremony. They wanted to have a private and intimate ceremony, however, at the same time they still wanted their family and friends to be able to see what happened.  This became the perfect opportunity for us to reach way down into our bag of tricks and pull off a Same Day Edit.
For us, we love doing Same Day Edits but only when they really mean something.  They take a lot of hard work, planning and nail biting time in the editing room.  For us, there needs to be a good reason to play the Same Day Edit at the reception. For Karen and Taylor, to be able to make this film for them and play it back in front of all their family and friends was an incredible privilege, one we are incredibly proud to share with you now.
Happy Watching!
Vendor Credits:
Photography: Mike + Shari

Wedding Officiant: Shawn Miller – Young Hip and Married

Transportation: SKY Helicopters

Accommodations: The Opus Hotel


When You Give Your Heart To Me (Instrumental)  by Laura Veirs

Rain Walking by One Hundred Years


Location / On top of a mountain, Vancouver BC
Client / Karen and Taylor
Category / Wedding
Tags / elopement vancouver - Karen - mountain wedding vancouver - sky helicopters - Taylor - Vancouver wedding videographer - wedding video vancouver -

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