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Krystle + Dustin /// “We are not in Kansas anymore…”

We are always up for an adventure, one of the best parts about doing what we do is we get to go on adventures to far off corners of the globe. It’s always amazing how far your work can take you if you are passionate about telling meaningful stories.

With every new inquiry that comes in on the ol’ CTM hotline there is always a huge level of excitement. Who are these people, why do they want to work with us, what is their story and how the heck did they find us? We always encourage our clients to tell us as much about themselves and their wedding as they feel they can. This came so easy to Krystle and Dustin. We can remember looking at their inquiry when it first came in, we learned a lot about them in just a few short paragraphs – who they are, what do they love and why they are a great team. It was all really honest and definitely exciting.

Our goal is to tell stories that connect with people. People’s time is incredibly hard to come by, so you can imagine when you make a wedding film about someone, that couple is likely to watch it all; however, it’s a totally different challenge to get people that don’t know them to watch from start to finish. That has always been one of our goals – to make honest films that matter and keep the viewer engaged the entire time. So if we’re doing our job we are going to make a film that everyone would want to watch from start to finish, not just the couple themselves.

When I spoke to Krystle the first thing I asked her was, why us? Her answer was simple, “I found your work online and every single film I watched I felt like I knew that couple intimately. For us, video is the window back into being able to relive the wedding again and again and we just couldn’t imagine anyone else telling our story!” I heard that and thought, wow, all those late nights, all that hard work trying to make films that we feel truly matter, all that time has paid off, someone from the other side of the continent found us and could relate to our stories about people, family and relationships. Man, what a rush!

This wedding film is an example of why we do what we do. Its not about the budget, or the proximity to the wedding venue, its not even about us. First and foremost, its about story. It’s about pushing yourself to be better every day and being able to make films that really make people connect and open up. Krystle and Dustin are proof that what we do really matters and at the end of the day how could anyone ask for more?

Every time we travel to the USA we are always so inspired by the people. We want to thank everyone that helped us and were kind to us Canadians on our adventure to the small city of Wichita, Kanas USA!

Wedding Photographers: Lola Jo Photo,
Flowers:Beards Floral Design,
Wedding Venue: Noahs Event Venue Wichita,
First Look Location: The Ambassador Hotel Wichita,
Aerial work: Adler Grey Videography,
Music License: Musicbed


Location / Wichita, Kansas
Client / Krystle and Dustin
Category / Wedding
Tags / Capture the Moment Media - Dustin - Kansas Wedding Video - Krystle - Noahs Event Venue Wedding Video - USA wedding video - Videographer Wichita - Wichita Wedding Video -

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