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Lara + Ryan /// “The icy cold pool of unknown”

So why get married?

It’s a good question, what does it really mean, why bother, I mean seriously, it’s just a piece of paper, and a party right? Why do we all feel this need to take this step in our lives, to quote a line from Lara and Ryan, “it’s a crazy notion jumping into this icy pool of unknown”.

To some people the idea of a wedding is silly, if we love each other isn’t that enough? And this might not be the best thing to say for a company that makes wedding films for a living, but they are right. A wedding doesn’t prove anything, if you love someone that’s good enough for us. Maybe that’s why our approach to telling a wedding story goes beyond that word… “Wedding”.

To us it’s not the act of getting married that’s important, it’s the commitment that this couple has already made and the relationship they already share. It’s a commitment that we are all celebrating on this day, “the wedding day”. Lara and Ryan are a perfect example of this, they both were skeptical about marriage and the word “wedding” but after years of commitment, after years of struggle, conflict and compromise these two were finally able to look past that simple word and realize the true meaning of a wedding. It’s that rare opportunity in your life, to take a step back, and celebrate what really matters, each-other. It is a chance to acknowledge all those people that helped shape who you are and most importantly it’s an opportunity to take a moment and tell one another how much you truly care about the other and in this world we don’t stop enough to take this time to appreciate the things we have.

That’s why we love weddings, because to us and to Lara and Ryan, it’s so much more than just a piece of paper and a party, it’s about one another.


Love the way this wedding looked? Check out some of the awesome vendors who helped bring it to life at the UBC Boathouse in Vancouver:

Photographer: Sara Rogers
Music Licensed: Community Tree Music – Luca Fogale
Venue: UBC Boathouse
Decor: Kayla Tan
Flowers: Robin Loizil
Hot Shave: Farzad’s Barber Shop
Hair / Makeup: Banzai Hair Studio
DJ: Kent Stephany


Location / UBC Boathouse
Client / Lara and Ryan
Category / Wedding
Tags / Lara - Ryan - Sara Rogers Photography - UBC Boathouse Wedding - Vancouver Wedding Venue - Vancouver Wedding Video - Vancouver wedding videographer - Music / Luca Fogale

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