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Outer Coast Outfitters

Futurpreneur commissioned us to create a set of videos for the ThriveNorth initiative – an initiative to enhance entrepreneurship opportunities and empower youth in the Northwest region of British Columbia. It connects young people, 18-39 years old, to business resources, financing and mentoring with the goal of inspiring and supporting them as they launch and grow businesses.

April Link of Prince Rupert, British Columbia had a strong connection to the outdoors, and craved the freedom to do what she loved while raising her young family. She and her husband, Chris Ridler, a member of the Tsimshian First Nations Community, achieved that dream when they co-founded Outer Coast Outfitters, an outdoor education, guiding and rental company. Learn more about how ThriveNorth can help you start or grow your business here:


Location / Prince Rupert, BC
Client / Futurpreneur
Category / Commercial
Tags / adventure guide - futurpreneur - non profit - outer coast outfitters - prince rupert - small business video - thrivenorth - Video Production -

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