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Sam + Spencer /// Our Little Mountain Wedding

B-roll is the glue to the story. It can add an entirely new dimension to a day of filming. Before we shoot any event, we always try to ask about the things happening leading up to the event, not just the event itself. This is what makes a wedding film stand out. A great filmmaker once told me that the story is in the prep. So often some of the most exciting and interesting things happen before the big stand out moments. It is in these events that you can find some incredible shots and yes some really sticky glue!


Before we shoot any film, we always take the time to get to know our characters. Sam and Spencer are two of the sweetest people you would ever care to meet! How often do you get to film a wedding on top of Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver? Both families have a long history there so it’s always been a really special place for them. It’s a great idea, and especially from a filmmaker’s perspective, a beautifully place to film! Both the ceremony tent and the reception tent were built on top of the mountain! Getting everything in place took place over the course of a week, which made us think why not take some time to film some of the set up? It was perfect opportunity to head up the mountain a few days early and get some really solid B-Roll. Not only was this really fun to film, but it also provided us with some great footage that we did not need to worry about capturing on the wedding day.

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Filming was so inspiring every day. It was great getting to know the passionate and talented artists who created this wedding from scratch. Bringing a wedding together takes a whole team of people and we love finding out who these people are and what they do before we film. For Sam and Spencer’s wedding we had one of the best team members in the business, Sandy P! Sandy and her team (Dream Group Productions) were incredible at helping us schedule the time we needed to shoot. Also there was Collective YOU, always such a good time, as well as Jayna Marie, one of the best make-up artists in the biz. Lori from Sweet Pea Photography as well as Upright Décor. Working with these people always makes our day. Riding to the top of a Grouse Mountain every day with them made us think of Sam and Spencer and the journey they were about to take together.


In closing, remember to always seize the opportunity for great B-roll. Always figure out why it is important to your story then push yourself to be creative when you are in those moments. Sam and Spencer were on a journey, so filming the set up of the wedding went so well in the opening of our film as the best man talks about their journey to get to this day. When we combined our B-roll with the event itself it made for a great story! Always tell the best story you can, all it takes sometimes is a little glue!


Location / Vancouver
Client / Sam and Spencer
Category / Wedding
Tags / Art of the Party - Collective You - Sweet Pea PHotography - Vancouver Wedding Video - Vancouver wedding videographer -

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