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Sole / ReCork Kickstarter Film

Natural cork wine closures are collected & recycled into a ground-breaking new line of carbon negative footwear. Please check out the Kickstarter Campaign and help change the world!

Produced by: Sole Shoes / ReCork
Capture the Moment Media
Director: Mathew Collings
DOP: John Hilhorst
Sound/Lighting: Riley Maruyama
Makeup/Hair: Vanessa Westerager
Female Actor: Tanya Capri
Voice Talent: Alan Orpin
Locations: Brix Restaurant, Gravity Pope, Napa California, Amorim, Urban Winery
Storyboards: Kevin Hartwig


Location / Vancouver
Client / Sole / ReCork
Category / Commercial
Tags / Carbon Negative - Cork - Footprint - Kickstarter - Recork - Shoes - Sole -

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Sole / ReCork Kickstarter Film

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