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Tia + Shaun /// What an EPIC couple

Tia and Shaun, what an EPIC couple! These two have have a connection that is kind of hard to describe. Good thing they got a video, LOL! When we set out to tell a story of a couple on their wedding day the first thing we do is our research. We learn a lot in a meeting but going that extra mile really helps us understand our characters. We have our couples send us their wedding vows, cards and on top of all that the speeches.We look up their social media and try to figure out what kind of people they are. With Shaun and Tia one this was very clear, this was a very unique couple, and we loved that!

The most important thing we try to figure out is what makes their relationship unique to them. We want to find what is it about them that is different from everyone else. If we can figure that out, we can plan one heck of a story! When we clicked on Shaun’s Instagram we found some hilarious videos of Tia. It was clear this guy had a unique sense of humour and what was also clear was how much he cared for her. Each video of her was so honest and so fun it was clearly a sign of affection. It may not look that way at first glance, but when you dig deeper and see how often he points his smartphone at her it’s obvious this guy gets a kick out of this girl! Another thing that was clear to us was how much Tia loved how Shaun could make her laugh. There is nothing more important in life than a partner that can make you smile, and Shaun does that for Tia in a profound and definitely outside of the box way!

Once we read the beautiful speech by the officiant as well as the incredible speeches by their family and friends, we had all the tools we needed to tell their story. We understood what made them unique. We found out what made them work and these are the most important tools any filmmaker can have.

Working alongside some incredible vendors, it’s easy to understand why Vancouver is one of the best places on earth to get married. We are so spoiled to get to work with these gifted artists every summer!

Planners – Petite Pearl Events
Photography – Dallas Kolotylo Photography
Decor – Petite Pearl Events
Wedding Officiant – Young Hip and Married / Bobbi Salkeld
Reception / Ceremony Venue – Round House
Reception treats – Earnest Ice Cream

Music Licensed through
– Williwaw by Evan Abeele
– Mountian Hymn (Instrumental) by Shelley O’Brien


Category / Wedding
Tags / dallas kolotylo - Earnest Ice Cream - Evan Abeele - petite pearl - Round House Community Centre - Shelley O’Brien - Vancouver - young hip and married -

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